Adjustment of Status – if your spouse or fiancée is in the United States and eligible, I can assist with adjusting his or her status to permanent resident.  This is also known as applying for a “green card”.

Immigrant Visa Petition and Consular Processing – if your spouse is abroad, I can help your spouse immigrate to the United States.

K-1 Fiance(e) Visa Petition, Consular Processing, and Adjustment of Status – if your fiancé(e) is abroad, I can assist with filing the proper paperwork to have him or her enter the country on a fiancé(e) visa, and then adjust status to permanent resident.

Waivers – if your spouse is “inadmissible”, a legal term of art meaning that he or she is not eligible for an immigrant or fiancée visa, then I can help determine if he or she could possibly “waive” the inadmissibility based on extreme hardship to the U.S. citizen partner.  Things that can make you inadmissible are certain crimes; fraud and misrepresentation on a prior visa application; and, previous unlawful presence in the U.S.  I can also assist you with the new stateside provisional waiver process.

Removal of Conditions on Residence – those who are married under two years at the time of admission as an immigrant must file a follow up petition within a 90-day window prior to the second anniversary of admission.  I can assist you with this process or with filing a waiver of the joint petition.

Children – I can also assist the foreign national to bring in his or her minor children as derivative beneficiaries on a fiancé(e) visa, or as immigrants.

Gay Marriage and Immigration – Please see my page on immigration assistance for same-sex couples.